Charles de Fere Rose Sparkling Wine - 750mL - France

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Made from a specially selected blend of Groslot, Cot and Cabernet Franc. The first two are somewhat rare, the last one is not well-known but more than note worthy! Groslot is grown mostly in the Loire Valley, famous for sparkling wines in its own right. Its use probably spread thanks to good acidity, which is an important factor for a good brut wine. Cot is also grown in the Loire Valley. Loads of flavor, but lacking acidity, hence the association. Cabernet Franc, widely grown in the Loire region, is behind its most famous rosé wine. Also used in the Bordeaux vineyards, including some very famous names, it has good acidity, and excellent fruitiness. Many experts consider it unjustly overshadowed by Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

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