Apothic Inferno Red Blend Limited Edition Red Blend 2017 - 750 ml

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Hail the dark lord… Apothic has wowed me with this potent blend of drunken misery. At 15.9% BAC this wine should be drank in excess, but beware my child, it packs a brutal punch. One glass and I’m already 3 feet under.    

This wine is aged for 60 days in whiskey barrels, how lovely. The subtle taste of maple and spice is balanced perfectly; the sweet would usually bother me, but with the extra boozyness I’m ok with it. In the morning I might not be…

I’m going to highly recommend this wine at 8 points. Good kick with the high BAC, gothy flamed label, under $15, balanced flavor, and thick as blood on the tongue.  Because of its thickness though I’m not sure its something I could drink all night- which is what I like doing best. Also the packaging is a little lacking for something as extreme as this limited edition. It should have came with a book of matches (c’mon guys), then I would rate it a six six six. Goodnight minions, I must sleep -Wino


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