Buried Cane Chardonnay. Culumbia Valley 2016 - 750 ml

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Buried Cane is named for a time-honored Washington State grape-growing practice used to protect grape vines from frigid winter temperatures. Low-growing vine canes are buried under the soil for protection from the cold, and are then unearthed after the threats of winter freeze are past.

Our objective with Buried Cane Chardonnay is a bright, crisp, dry white wine with gentle hints of cream and vanilla (from just a touch of oak-aging).

The grape for this wine come from several Columbia Valley vineyards. We work rigorously with each vineyard throughout the growing season to assure the best quality fruit.

This dry white wine has wonderfully ripe aromas loaded with oodles of apple and pear, vanilla custard, créme brulee, and buttered toast, complimented with a slight floral note. Viscous and honeyed in the mouth, much of the aromatic character comes through on the palate with pear, apple and papaya followed by a creamy texture.

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