Juliette Rose Mediterranee Rose Wine 2015 - 750 ml

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Juliette comes from the Provence region of Southern France, home of the most exquisite and traditional rosé wines in the world. Produced at the maison of Domaine de La Sanglière, Juliette is a true expression of a traditional Provençal rosé wine.

Juliette is a delicious and crisp rose wine that has an initial fruit-forward taste of raspberries and berries that give the wine an attractive open feel. Juliette is refreshing and elegant, bone dry rosé wine, with layers of lively fruit and a bright, smooth finish – just the way a true rosé wine from Southern France should be.

While Juliette serves an excellent standalone aperitif wine, Juliette is also an exceptional food wine that pairs with so many different types of cuisines. Juliette is a perfect pair for grilled fish, seafood, steamed fish, lobster, shellfish, bouillabaisse and other traditional Provençal cuisine.

Aside from seafood, Juliette’s crisp cool flavors will also complement a diverse array of world cuisines. Pair Juliette with Asian Fusion, Indian curries, Mexican and Tex-Mex fare, Mediterranean cuisine, Spanish Paella and Tapas, Italian Pizza, pasta and risotto, Thai cuisine, sushi, or a Sandwich and a simple salad.