Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne Brut 2012 - 750mL Champagne

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100 points Wine Enthusiast: "This is an exceptional wine, as is the vintage. The fruits - grapefruit, crisp red apple - balance with a fine yeasty character. There is a great depth of flavor, the fruits going in a pure line of freshness. The one problem is that it is much too young, the result of the deamnd from the market for the next vintage. Age this wine for at least four years." (12/08) 96 points and three stars from the Connoissuers' Guide to California Wine: "Its Pinot Noir portion notwithstanding, this wine has a crisp, chalky, lightly citrusy, lightly toasty aroma that is more than a little bit suggestive of an elegant Blanc de Blancs. And perhaps that is its secret. It is an incredibly refined yet deep wine whose suggestions of roasted soy and caramel are kept as complex nuances within a well-filled, refreshing, crisp set of flavors and a graceful, lengthy aftertaste. It occupies a comfortable middle ground between the quiet refinement of Dom Perignon and the bold approaches of the top Bollinger and Krug wines." (12/08) 95 points Wine & Spirits: "At first this wine seems more frivolous than serious; it's lacey and polished, a flash of spice and whipped cream-except for the tension in the finish that lasts, more powerful with each sip but no less refined. It expands on redder tones of pinot noir, with a force and stamina that defines the 2002 vintage. This should be at its best with around 15 or 20 years in the cellar."

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