Pinot Noir from California
Pinot Noir from California

Middle Sister "Goodie Two-Shoes" Pinot Noir - 750mL - Red Wine

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Winemaker's Notes
the story
Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Or because I graduated top of my class. Being almost perfect is a terrible burden to bear. So I must confess I do have one or two vices. Wine, cheese, cheeseburgers, vampire novels, pink outfits and serial flirting…is that more than one or two? I hope my secrets are safe with you. I have an image to protect. Let me buy you a glass of wine.

what’s in it?
90.4% Pinot Noir
9.6% mixed varieties

how was it made?
Tank fermented warm with regular pumpovers for color and flavor.

smells like
…ripe raspberry/strawberry notes with a touch of caramel, vanilla and root beer.

tastes like
…a blast of ripe and lush berry, medium body, a vanilla note and light cocoa powder on the finish.

yummy with
Grilled salmon, barbecued chicken, steaks, burgers, pizza, pasta.

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