Pendleton 1910 Aged 12 years Canadian Rye Whiskey - 750 ml

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Widely known as "the Cowboy Whisky", Pendleton Whisky was created to honor the bold spirit and independence of the American cowboy and celebrate the tradition of the Pendleton Round-Up, one of the most prestigious rodeo events in the world. Pendleton 1910 pays homage to the year of the first Pendleton Round-Up and comes packaged in a intricately embossed bottle featuring the event's famous bucking horse logo. Produced in limited quantities, Pendleton 1910 is a twelve year old Canadian Rye Whisky with rich notes of tobacco, charred oak, butterscotch and black pepper, supported by bold, spicy rye. Softer notes of maple and sweet cherry round out the palate, creating a balanced, yet complex flavor profile.