Seaglass Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara County, USA 2017 - 750 ml

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This Pinot Noir captures the best of Santa Barbara’s unique terroir with a fresh, light-bodied profile that allows the grape’s varietal character to shine through. An inviting, delicate perfume emerges from the glass, while bright red cherry and strawberry flavors lightly dance upon the palate. Beautifully balanced with vibrant acidity, it’s the ideal complement for earthy mushrooms, grilled salmon or lamb.

Vineyard Information
Our “Los Alamos” Pinot Noir vineyard is nestled in Santa Barbara’s rolling hills, a climate considered by many to be ideal for Burgundian varietals. The cool ocean air and abundant fog of Santa Barbara County allow Pinot Noir grapes to ripen slowly and evenly while developing delicate, complex flavors and bright acidity.

A minimalist winemaking style, free of over-manipulation, keeps the fresh, bright fruit flavors of the Pinot Noir grape intact from vineyard to bottle. The wine was carefully aged in small oak barrels, providing just the right balance between delicate varietal flavors, crisp acidity and complementary oak character.

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