Westford Hill Framboise Eau-de-vie Raspberry Brandy -200 ml

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Framboise is an eau-de-vie made from raspberries, and ours is the purest you'll find. While other distillers use raspberries as an afterthought, for flavoring, our Framboise is distilled right from the fruit. . Sure, it takes two pounds of raspberries to yield a single ounce of Westford Hill Distillers Framboise. But the intense flavor and delicate, perfume-like aroma are worth it, standing up magnificently to dark chocolate and berry desserts. Or playfully lingering in your mouth, as an aperitif or after-dinner palate cleanser. For the complete distilling story click here. Feeling imaginative? Try adding a few drops to a sparkling wine and see how the bubbles bring that fresh aroma to your nose. Even in recipes and cocktails, the raspberry flavor and aroma is wonderfully pervasive.

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